Why more businesses are giving hotshot service a shot

Published: September 10, 2015

Hotshot, as the word implies, means moving fast without stopping. No passing Go. In the Logistics industry, Hotshot delivery is the go-to service for businesses that need to transport goods immediately. Oftentimes, the livelihood of the business depends on its expediency.

The term “Hotshot,” as used in transportation circles, is said to date decades back to oil field production in Texas, where pickup trucks hauled crucially needed parts and supplies to drilling sites. Today’s oil companies working in the flourishing Eagle Ford Shale rely tremendously on such services to sustain optimal production and prevent costly downtime.

Fracking frenzy aside, the appeal of hotshot delivery continues to grow across all sectors and regions as freight needs expand. Our fast-paced world that has grown accustomed to instant communication often demands equally expeditious moving of goods to survive and thrive.

Whether you are in the business of oil, agriculture, machinery or medical supplies, here are six reasons to give hotshot services a shot.

  • Expedited service and delivery Hotshot drivers can be dispatched at a moment’s notice.
  • Skill and flexibility Hotshot providers are experienced and able to handle all types and sizes of loads.
  • Cost savings Offering different vehicle styles and sizes, depending on load type, increases efficiency.
  • Less Hassle Logistic firms eliminate the day-to-day challenge of managing vehicle fleets.
  • Single-customer loads Ability to accommodate LTF requests means your load travels independently.
  • Reduced downtime Expedited delivery solves the time-is-money problem by keeping business operations running with little interruption.

Full-service logistics provider LC Express, LLC specializes in hotshot deliveries for a range of industry sectors including oil, agriculture, automotive, janitorial, office and medical.